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Registration for Examinations

Since 2011 it is possible to register for examinations online with the help of the digital QISPOS system. Before you are able to use QISPOS you have to fill in the "Zulassungsantrag" from e-TUB. After signing, it has to be submitted to the responsible service team of the examination office personally. Afterward you are able to use QISPOS.

For using QISPOS for the registration of examinations you have to log on to your personal tubiT account and to press the button "Pr√ľfungsanmeldung" on the left side and type in the required TAN.

The registration for the Master Thesis is still not possible to be processed through QISPOS. The procedure is similar to the registration for QISPOS: Within e-TUB you'll find the corresponding form, which has to be (printed and signed) submitted to the examination office personally.

Generally there are 3 periods for each semester where the registration and the exams can be carried out.
Details will be given by the responsible examiner.

Possible Audit Periods
      Summer Term
      Winter Term
       14.04. - 30.06.
       15.10. - 31.12.
       01.07. - 31.08.
       01.01. - 10.03.
       01.09. - 14.10.
       11.03. - 14.04.


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