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Dear students,

Due to the measures taken by TU Berlin to reduce the spread of the corona virus, the lecture period in the summer semester 2021 will start on 12.04.2021 not as classroom teaching but as online courses.

Many course materials will be made available via the ISIS system, so we would like to ask you to register on ISIS in time for the courses of the winter semester. Registration is also very important so that we can inform you about dates for video conferences, chat forums or other types of events.

Despite the difficult circumstances, we wish you a good start into the new semester and hope to see you healthy at TU Berlin as soon as possible.

We advise you to follow the specific information on studying in general and examinations in summer semester 2021 at TU Berlin as well as the latest news from the TU Berlin Crisis Committee regularly.

Please keep informed regularly as the current situation is unpredictable and may be subject to continuous changes.

Education in Geodesy and Geoinformation Science

By resolution of the committees of TU Berlin, it has been decided to replace the diploma course „Surveying“ by the master program for the research area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In order to be internationally competitive, the english speaking master course „ M. Sc. Geodesy and  Geoinformation Science“ was developed. The first generation of students were matriculated in winter term 2006/2007. Most of them have graduated in 2009 after five semesters - in average.

The master program is addressed to national and international applicants with a former academical degree (i.e. Bachelor, Diploma), who wants to be qualified for leading positions in:

Geo Information Technology
Space Geodesy and Navigation
Engineering Surveying and Estimation Theory
Computer Vision and Remote Sensing



The programme on "M.Sc. Geodesy and Geoinformation Science" was accredited in 2008 by german ASIIN and the european EUR-ACE signet.
Originally, the master programme could not be categorized as consecutive by accreditation committee, due to the missing bachelor offer for Geodesy and Geoinformation Science of TU Berlin and the fact that students with non-geodetic background could apply for the course. Based on the selection procedure and the proximity to related disciplines like Cartography, Geography and Informatics, the master progam finally have been evaluated to be consecutive and research oriented.

Dean of Studies

Head of the Programme of Studies on "M.Sc. Geodesy and Geoinformation Science" is the Dean of Studies:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Neitzel